Our approach

Creating value for urban communities

Urban spaces are more than densely built settlements. The buildings and their architecture shape the cultural heritage and legacy of a city and create a sense of identity and connection among its residents. As places of work, life, and entertainment, they build the long-term foundation of urban communities and must accommodate the complexity and dynamics of their lifestyles.

Many of the most pressing challenges of our time are inextricably linked to urban development. Urbanization, climate change, depleting natural resources, and new models of living and working are just some trends driving the dynamic shift in urban spaces.

Real estate, as a resource-intensive and long-term infrastructure asset, constitutes the core component of sustainable urban development, which must create solutions for future challenges to secure long-term wealth and quality of life for all.

Together with private and institutional investors, such as German retirement and pension funds, we realize sustainable urban spaces in German metropolises.


We create healthy and desirable spaces for life and work that seek an optimal balance of ecological, economic, and social demands.

At Coros, we are convinced that sustainable urban development and value creation are not exclusive, but rather mutually dependent. Only a solution that is sustainable and future-proof will also be economically successful in the long run.

Facing these challenges head-on, we are committed to advancing the sustainable development of modern metropolitan areas by identifying unused potential in urban spaces and converting them into sustainable, future-proof, and need-based spaces for each individual urban community and for our partners.



We minimize the carbon footprint of our properties to achieve climate neutrality by implementing resource-efficient processes and using sustainable materials and technologies, both during their construction and subsequent use.


We engage in an active dialogue with relevant stakeholders from politics, business and the community itself in order to develop and implement needs-based utilization concepts that integrate seamlessly into the social, cultural and economic context of a neighborhood or district.


We generate long-term value for the urban community by transforming unused potential in urban spaces into viable, sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact on the quality of life and productivity of an urban community.

We focus on the development of office properties and urban mixed-use concepts in German metropolitan areas.