ESG Commitment

ESG is our DNA

It’s time for our cities to explore new paths. Paths towards enhanced climate protection, more social progress and a stronger sense of responsibility. This calls for companies who embrace these values themselves – both externally and internally.

Coros is such a company: a pioneer in environmental, social and governance matters.

Environment, because we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and that of our real estate projects, making a measurable contribution to mitigate climate change.

Social, because we always engage in an active dialogue when developing needs-based utilization concepts to ensure they integrate seamlessly into the social, cultural and economic context of a neighborhood.

Governance, because we generate long-term value for the urban community by transforming unused potential in urban spaces into viable, sustainable solutions – taking responsibly for the impact of our actions as a company.

To reinforce our commitment, we have developed an ESG strategy with specific goals based on five pillars.

Our strategy – five goals

Climate and environmental protection

We want to make an active and long-term contribution to climate and environmental protection. As a portfolio holder and real estate investor, we see it as one of our greatest responsibilities to continuously improve our portfolio in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and strive for a climate-neutral building stock through the use of sustainable materials and technologies wherever possible.

Therefore, our goal is to continuously drive energy efficiency improvements and to become carbon neutral within our corporate operations by 2023 and across our fund portfolio by 2040 or earlier.

Sustainable and transparent governance

Increasing environmental pollution and the associated climate change, the scarcity of resources, demographic developments and their economic and social impact are becoming more and more relevant for investment decisions. Therefore, in addition to the systematic and integrated consideration of ecological and social criteria, value-oriented and sustainable corporate management is essential in analysis and decision-making processes in the investment area.

Hence, we signed the “Principles for Responsible Investment” (PRI) and are aiming at Grade A from 2024 onwards.

Active engagement and stewardship

At Coros we also see our responsibility in engaging with our partners and investors by conducting open dialogue and active stewardship and ownership. With this joint effort we want to achieve common goals. Following our responsible investment strategy, we communicate openly with stakeholders such as investors and business partners, tenants, service providers or communities and municipalities.

We are therefore planning to publish our first sustainability report for 2023. With the report, we provide our stakeholders and partners with detailed insights into the impacts of our business on the climate to support them in their decision-making processes on sustainable investments.

Living diversity

Diverse teams with diverse cultural, demographic and professional backgrounds can inspire each other – beyond their different expertise – and open up to new ways of thinking and acting. This significantly contributes to innovation, future viability and the development of new solutions.

At Coros, we are therefore living diversity in all dimensions (age structures, gender, educational backgrounds, employees working part-time, etc.) and want to continuously improve within those. One of the most important goals is increasing our share of women in the workforce.”

Strong company culture

Our employees are our most important asset. In order to be productive and successful in the long term, we need a modern understanding of work and collaboration. Enthusiasm, curiosity and drive for ideas cannot be decreed from above, but are based on personal responsibility, exchange and motivation.

For the years to come we are therefore aiming at further growth by continuously promoting employee development and satisfaction. Our tools to achieve that are regular feedback analyses and a fast and effective implementation of the relevant measures for improvement.


ESG changes our cities for the better.
And we play our part:

We create sustainable and desirable spaces for life and work that seek an optimal balance of ecological, economic, and social demands.

We are convinced that sustainable urban development and value creation are not exclusive, but rather mutually dependent. Only a solution that is sustainable and future-proof will also be economically successful in the long run.

Facing these challenges head-on, we are committed to advancing the sustainable development of modern metropolitan areas. We focus on the development of urban mixed-use concepts in German metropolitan areas, creating long-term added value for the individual urban community and for our partners.