New Generation, new partner structure

Our two co-founders Leonhard Sachsenhauser and Philipp Horsthemke are joining Coros as partners and associates.

In recent years, both have played a decisive role in shaping our self-image and identity as an integrated real estate company of a new, young generation. This step illustrates our corporate culture and the fact that (entrepreneurial) career opportunities are available to anyone who shows commitment.

With agile working structures and flat hierarchies we want to implement sustainable and future-oriented real estate projects and actively shape the cities of the future. Future topics such as the challenge of climate change, urbanisation or the ramifications and opportunities of new technologies are a major concern for us as team members and are to be implemented consistently in the company’s projects. “We see ourselves as a platform that brings people together who enjoy real estate, entrepreneurial thinking and productive discourse. While this means everyone benefits from differing (professional) experiences and interests, we see ourselves united by the curiosity of rethinking the status quo, avoiding stagnation and the will to actively shape urban change with an entrepreneurial spirit”, stresses Philipp.

One of the topics that Leonhard and Philipp particularly want to promote as new partners is the development of sustainable and attractive office properties that are designed to meet sustainability requirements and a changing world of work – especially regarding New Work. In view of changing user needs, new technologies and hybrid working models, the future of work is currently changing rapidly – and with it the demands on office space, buildings, and their location.

“The offices of the future are no longer purely places of value creation, but rather think tanks. They should promote the development of employees’ potential, encourage innovation, and ensure the well-being of office users. This includes, for example, a pleasant room climate, good air quality and access to daylight, green spaces and a change of different working landscapes,” adds Philipp.

“Instead of loveless rows of desks in faceless office cities, the future will have to be about offering office users a connected and at the same time sustainable, inspiring and creative working atmosphere in an urban setting,” says Leonhard. “In addition, the objective must be to positively shape the ecological and social impact of the properties as much as possible, over the entire life cycle of the building. Climate neutrality and the sustainable contribution of a property to the quality of life and productivity of the neighbourhood will become a critical purchase criterion for success.”



  • In the course of the relaunch, our two co-founders Philipp Horsthemke and Leonhard Sachsenhauser became partners within Coros
  • New partner structure embodies participation of the younger generation in entrepreneurial responsibility and illustrates the corporate culture in practice