Repositioned Borsig WESTWERK in Berlin records initial success with leasing.

With Borsig WESTWERK we have created a new real estate brand on the premises of the historical Borsigwerke locomotive works at Berlin-Tegel and gained two well-known tenants for the newly positioned multi-tenant property. The veterinary division of Europe’s leading provider of medical diagnostics, and another new tenant from the health care sector, have signed long-term leases on an area of approximately 3,700 square meters.

The diagnostics service provider is relocating its Berlin premises to Borsig WESTWERK and moving into an office and laboratory space covering over 600 square meters. On the ground floor area, a modern veterinary laboratory is being created. The second new tenant will occupy an area of over 3,000 square meters and is relocating its digitization center to Borsig WESTWERK.

The eye-catching Borsig WESTWERK building was constructed in 1997 on the site of the historical industrial Borsigwerke premises and has a total rental area of 9,800 square meters. We purchased the building in 2020 for the Commodus Deutschland Fund II SCSp, RAIF, and redesigned the property to perfectly align with current user needs. The measures taken include converting the interior to offer versatile, appealing workspaces, from open lofts and attractive meeting spaces to small office units. We are furthermore investing in making the building a place its users and visitors will be keen to spend time in. This will include a redesign of the outdoor areas and green interior courtyards, along with creating new, high-quality shared areas that provide attractive spaces for taking breaks or having meetings, such as a green roof terrace for all tenants. The redesigned light-filled interiors offer a comfortable environment and views of the Borsig tower or across the courtyards. Tailor-made signage on the building’s exterior and interior establishes a unique look that ties in with the brick expressionism of the Borsig tower. Further improvements have also been made to the building’s technical specifications: as well as EV charging stations in the renovated underground car park, and active fiber optic connections inside the building, there are also plans to install photovoltaic systems. The property already has a very good energy efficiency rating. In addition, Borsig WESTWERK offers superb public and private transport connections.

“Established in a location steeped in history, Borsig WESTWERK is a new, unique retail estate brand that resonates with and continues the legacy of the site’s pioneering spirit. The flexible, modern workspaces, the dynamic environment with its comprehensive range of services and catering options, and the site’s abundant green areas and location on Lake Tegel, constitute the perfect mix for an urban space for 21st century visionaries and entrepreneurs,” said Katharina Martin, Head of Commercial Asset Management. She added: “The new leases are fantastic achievements for our Asset Management team. The long-term leases, which are no longer the default option nowadays, underline the site’s appeal and confirm our vision for the property.”


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  • Multi-tenant office and laboratory property is fully redesigned and repositioned on the market as the real estate brand Borsig WESTWERK
  • First new tenants sign long-term leases on 3,700 square meters