Adress: Gustav Meyer Allee 3
13355 Berlin
Sector: Neighborhood development
Construction start: est 2025
Size: 65.300 sq. m.

Quartier Am HumboldthainBerlin

At the Humboldthain in Berlin-Mitte, a commercially influenced, lively and urban quarter will be created over the next few years on an area of nine soccer fields. The public will be actively involved in this process in order to develop joint approaches for what will one day be created on this large area.

Our goal is to review the urban planning situation and use the quality of the land to develop a lively urban quarter. However, the exact use and design of the land is still open. Conceivable is a development and structural change derived from the potential of the location and the land to a new urban quarter in the middle of the Brunnenviertel. In principle, commercial uses with close links to science and future industries are possible. Opening up for other uses is also conceivable.

In addition, the relationship to the Volkspark Humboldthain should be emphasized more strongly. This will involve the question of how the future quarter will correspond meaningfully with Volkspark Humboldthain.

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Das Quartier Am Humboldthain - Ein Teil Berliner Industriegeschichte

The Am Humboldthain quarter is located on the former site of the Allgemeine Electrizitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) factory on the Humboldthain. This is evidenced by the listed brick industrial buildings adjacent to the site, which today house premises of the TU Berlin and the Fraunhofer Institute, among others.

AEG produced electric motors and other electronic products at the site from 1895. In 1983, AEG closed the site and the eastern buildings were demolished, with the Technology Park Humboldthain (TPH) being built on the western side. Nixdorf built a production site on the eastern side and remained there until the early 1990s. Today’s existing building, which houses the service center of the Berliner Sparkasse, also dates from this time.


Der Prozess

Die offene Projektentwicklung

In order to arrive at a concrete and viable concept for the future of the Humboldthain neighborhood, we want to follow the “open project development” approach in our planning process and develop approaches for a modern urban neighborhood in the Brunnenviertel together with Berliners, politicians, administrators, scientists, and businesses.
As part of our “workshop process,” we are conducting several moderated expert and citizen rounds in which we will develop a joint utilization concept in an open-ended dialog with interest groups that seek to balance a wide variety of interests and is ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable for the neighborhood and its people.

For the development of an urban and livable neighborhood, it is important to us not to anticipate solutions, but to keep the dialogue open-ended. In the workshop process, a number of expert and citizen groups will develop a solid basis for the development of the neighborhood.

In the discussion, specific knowledge and ideas are activated by addressing different levels. On the one hand, the knowledge comes from recognized experts; on the other hand, it reflects the everyday experiences of local people.


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